Clomid" - the indications and contraindications to the use of


"Clomid" - an effective tool that is used to combat infertility in women. This drug is available in the form of tablets. Blister contains twenty tablets, cardboard packaging-one or three blisters. The active substance is clomiphene citrate. In one pill, it's fifty milligrams.

Assigned "Clomid" diagnosed with anovulatory infertility. Indications for use are also oligospermia partner polycystic ovary and other diagnoses. You may want to buy "Clomid" at the best prices on the link buy clomid online cheap and also to clarify the diagnosis if there is suspicion on a pathology of the pituitary gland, preventing its gonadotropic functions.

Contraindications to taking this drug is hypersensitivity to the active substance, endometriosis, tumors of the genital organs or pituitary gland, renal and hepatic insufficiency, cysts in the ovaries. Search for a tool online by typing buy clomid online pharmacy, should only after consultation with the attending physician. For the first cycle, the dosage is usually prescribed - once a day for fifty milligrams of the drug for five days. The first day of admission is the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. In the following cycles, it is not necessary to increase the dose if ovulation occurs.

The second cycle of treatment may not be earlier than thirty days. Assign it in the case, if there is no effect. The dose of the drug in this case will be one hundred milligrams per day. Duration of more than five days or higher dosage can not be used. Three cycles for most patients are sufficient and effective. The longer the drug is impractical, if no effect at the time they failed to obtain.

Deterioration of vision, vomiting and nausea are the main symptoms of an overdose of Clomid. Treatment is needed immediately to cancel it, then the patient's condition should return to normal. It is impossible to make the decision on replacement of "Clomid" with analogs independently. Any use of this medicine is possible only after consultation with a doctor. Deterioration of psychomotor reactions is one of the side effects of taking this medicine.

The effectiveness of "Clomid" is based on the blocking of receptors located in the ovary and hypothalamus. The maturation of the follicles the tool also activates the stimulation of ovulation occurs due to the increase in the blood level of estradiol. The indication for the use of" Clomid " may be a low level of gonadotropins, even if the level of estrogen in the blood is normal.


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